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Daisylane Cavaliers are bred by Kristine Schmidt, member of the CKCSC-USA and the ACKCSC.  In 1997, I was entrusted with my first cavalier "Daisy", a blenheim bred by Cricketeer Cavaliers.

This started my love for cavaliers.  Daisy and I performed in obedience and dabbled in agility.  In 2004, I was ready for another cavalier.  Wystar Cavaliers suggested I meet Denzil Jr. whom was a 15 month old highly active and troublesome cavalier.  Denzil was always looking for something to do, especially escaping from the yard and going chicken hunting at the surrounding farms.  Denzil needed an owner/handler who would put him to work and that was me.   

It was a perfect match.  Denzil was very attentive, loved to work and absorbed his obedience training.   Denzil's body also started to mature into a beautiful cavalier.  So I started to take breed handling classes.  I handled Denzil at our first breed show in October 2004 were Denzil took Winners Dog and his first major.   In 2005 I started Denzil in agility classes and Denzil was thrilled.  He excelled in agility better then his handler, me.   By 2008, Denzil achieved championships in Agility and Conformation and his obedience CDX title.  Denzil also qualified to attend the AKC Agility Invitational which only the top five dogs of each breed are invited to.  This was a great honor which he also achieved in 2009, 2010 and 2011.  Denzil placed 10th in 2008, and 6th in 2009 & 2010.  Since Denzil was a breed champion with excellent health lines, he was the start of Daisylane Cavaliers.  

Breed Information

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a delightfully affectionate, playful, intelligent companion dog that
loves to be part of a family.  Cavaliers are happy and outgoing dogs who want to love you and be loved in return.  They enjoy running, playing, chasing squirrels or other games, and sharing your nice soft bed at night. They get along well with children, cats, and other dogs. Cavaliers are intelligent and will have their owners trained very quickly to provide their needs.  Truthfully, cavaliers require the same consistent, soft and loving discipline as does a child.

For more information regarding the breed, please visit the parent club web sites.

Cavaliers come in four colors

Black & Tan

Black & Tan







Cavalier Health

The foundation to good breeding is health.  Without good health a breeding program will NOT have a future.   With four generations of Master Agility Champions, Daisylane Cavaliers has and will continue to provide positive health testing only by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals of it's breeding stock.

Cavaliers are known for two major health issues.  Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) and Syringomyelia (SM).  
Breeders for many years have been battling to reduce MVD, which shortens the life of a Cavalier.  MVD is a
degeneration of the Mitral heart valve.  Cavaliers may develop MVD at any age which will be indicated with a murmur in the heart beat rhythm.   Murmurs are graded as low as one and will increase with the severity of the murmur.    Once a murmur is identified, it may increase in grade gradually or rapidly, there is no known fact to its increase development.  Cavaliers have been know
n to live well into their teens with  grade two murmurs, but the possibility of enlarged hearts and cardiac failure is higher.

It is recommended that cavaliers under the age of five not be breed if they have indication of MVD.  A
cavalier will usually develop MVD by the age of five.  Most breeders start to breed dogs less then five years,
so as a buyer one must look back in the pedigree at the grandparents and great-grandparents.

Recently increasing diagnoses of SM in cavaliers is emerging as a severe inherited condition.  SM cannot be
easily diagnosed without an MRI.  For more information on SM, please visit the CKCSC-USA
or ACKCSC web site and refer to the health link.

Hip dysplasia
patellar luxation, eye diseases and DNA identifiable disorders are also genetic problems in all breeds, not just cavaliers.  The Orthopedic Foundation of Animals is the leading organization for canine health clearances to insure future research and healthy breed development.

Daisylane Paws


To earn an agility championship a team consisting of a handler and canine must perform continual exceptional teamwork in the sport of agility.  This is the highest title a team may earn in agility.

Owned and Handled by Daisylane

MACH Denzil

Denzil (2002-2017)

CH MACH10 Wystar He Got Game


My heart and soul teammate who started it all.  Special thanks to Wystar Cavaliers for seeing the potential in this partnership. 

Denzil's legacy continues!

Owned and Handled by the Daisylane Family


Tiki (2006-2015)

Denzil x Demi

MACH2 Daisylane Galaxy Deja Vu MXG MJC

Owned and handled by Dianne J.

Additional Champions Sired by Denzil

MACH Langford Claire De Lune
MACH Mayalu's Minnie The Minx
MACH Mayalu's Fiona
Mayalu's Danger Mouse MX MXJ MJB
Langford Harvest Moon AX AXJ AXP AJP
MACH Halfling Raconteur


As a breeder I do not bred often and due to the demand for Daisylane puppies by canine performance exhibitors it is rare to place a Daisylane puppy in a pet home.  I do not place adults either, the dogs I keep are with me for life. 
If you are a canine performance exhibitor, please email me to discuss being added to my puppy list.

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3wks 008
Peak Agility 2011 v3
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Demi Litter 2006
Marlee x DJ 2011
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