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Daisylane Cavaliers are bred by Kristine Schmidt, member of the CKCSC-USA and the ACKCSC.  In 1997, I was entrusted with my first cavalier "Daisy", a blenheim bred by Cricketeer Cavaliers.

This started my love for cavaliers.  Daisy and I performed in obedience and dabbled in agility.  In 2004, I was ready for another cavalier.  Wystar Cavaliers suggested I meet Denzil Jr. whom was a 15 month old highly active and troublesome cavalier.  Denzil was always looking for something to do, especially escaping from the yard and going chicken hunting at the surrounding farms.  Denzil needed an owner/handler who would put him to work and that was me.   

It was a perfect match.  Denzil was very attentive, loved to work and absorbed his obedience training.   Denzil's body also started to mature into a beautiful cavalier.  So I started to take breed handling classes.  I handled Denzil at our first breed show in October 2004 were Denzil took Winners Dog and his first major.   In 2005 I started Denzil in agility classes and Denzil was thrilled.  He excelled in agility better then his handler, me.   By 2008, Denzil achieved championships in Agility and Conformation and his obedience CDX title.  Denzil also qualified to attend the AKC Agility Invitational which only the top five dogs of each breed are invited to.  This was a great honor which he also achieved in 2009, 2010 and 2011.  Denzil placed 10th in 2008, and 6th in 2009 & 2010.  Since Denzil was a breed champion with excellent health lines, he was the start of Daisylane Cavaliers.  

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